Great article from Inside Lacrosse about one of our BYC Lacrosse alumni, Matt Barone…

Matt Barone, Marquette: Marquette plays Duke on Friday in Durham. It’s unlikely that backup goalie Barone will see action. However, the Golden Eagles are in the playoff hunt thanks to his unselfishness and team-first mentality.

“We win with people, not things,” coach Joe Amplo said. “He’s one of the best I have been around in terms of commitment to the team. What better example of sacrifice and commitment to the team than the backup goalie that happens to be a senior. This young man has sat on the bench for four years and is the reason why we have had success. He shows us every day what being a part of a team is.”

Barone sets the standard and holds teammates accountable to that every day.

“Having been passed over for the starting job when we made a switch in goal earlier this season, Matt didn’t complain,” said Amplo. “He took our level of preparation a step higher. He made a shot chart for Cole Blazer, our starting goalie. Cole is an engineer, like Matt, and Matt understands how he thinks. He felt that by charting every shot that Villanova took during the year and giving each player a percentage of where they shoot he would help Cole. It did. Cole had the game of his career and led us to a significant win.”

Barone summed it up: “I want to look back at the program and be proud of what I was able to create with my teammates, with the hope that the culture we’ve established is one that will live on for decades to come.”
He’s an engineering major with a GPA just under 4.0. As a hobby, he taught himself finance and earned a job after college at a major investment firm in Delaware. That’s a smart hire.

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